Solarium Crianza Rioja wine, smooth and fresh wine that delights the senses.


Our wine Solarium Crianza Rioja is made with a careful selection of the best grapes from Rioja and remains for 360 days in American oak barrels.

It is a wine reference in its category, powerful, stylish and fresh that will delight the most demanding palates.

The Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Rioja, year after year, make a formal assessment of the vintage and granted the official valuation ¨ Excellent ¨ to the 2010 vintage, confirming a crop with a large volume of high quality wine.

The grape variety mostly defines the aroma of wines and our wine Solarium Crianza Rioja is made of a 100% “Tempranillo” grapes, which gives it its essential characteristics.

It also has a 360-day aging in American oak barrels which gives notes of vanilla and sweetness to our wine Solarium Crianza Rioja.

At first glance we can see its bright, dark ruby color, on the nose you can feel its intense bouquet of black fruits, smoked oak, and even notes of nutmeg. Nice, refreshingly ripe fruit in the mouth with delicious tannins that confer good body and complexity. Rich and pleasant tasting, its smooth texture, charms the palate with long, fresh and tasty persistence, which reminds us of the fruits of its beginnings.

To enlarge the sensory experience that accompanies the wine Rioja Crianza solarium is recommended to be served at a temperature between 16 º and 18 º C. In addition to accompanying his pairing with all types of game meats, roasts, cold meats, cheese and even fish.

Enjoy every moment with authenticity. #CataLaVida sip by sip in good company with wine Solarium Crianza Rioja.

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